In 2017, the SMA successfully resumed the masterclass-format. Ever since, a young master teaches upcoming musicians once a year at Castle Hundisburg. The »Meisterkonzert« gives the audience the opportunity to hear a program presented by the teacher of the masterclasses in the academy hall.

Masterclass Podium

In celebration of the 25th jubilee of the SummerMusicAcademy, the masterclass series was reintroduced. The masterclasses culminate in a final performance at the Masterclass Podium, where the participants present the fruits of their labour.

Serenade in the Gardens

All of the Academy’s musicians come together at the Serenade in the Gardens – it is chamber music at its best. This concert is a great indicator of what is yet to come, and the fantastic level of quality audiences can expect of that year’s academy. Come join us to get into the SMA mood at Hundisburg Castle.

Candlelight Concert

In honour of the 25th SummerMusicAcademy, a new musical format was introduced in 2017. In the Candlelight Concert series, audiences can experience music more intensely in the candle-lit main hall of the castle, late in the evening. This breathtaking atmosphere contributes to the performances of several artists blending seamlessly into one musical collage. Everyone is invited to enjoy the beautiful illuminations in the baroque garden after the concert.

Walking Concert

Travels through space and time – through music history and the venue’s history: Members of the International Academy Orchestra can be found performing in chamber music ensembles across the castle grounds. The audience walks from one performance spot to the next, at each stop receiving an introduction about the history of the place as well as the music. This format allows for the audience, artists, and art to be in close proximity in a beautiful and unique setting. It embodies all of the ideas behind the academy, continuously helping not only the musicians to grow, but also the audiences as well as the region.

Exceptional Concert

Unparalleled performances, paired with the impressive atmosphere of the venue, combine for one-of-a-kind musical experiences at the Exceptional Concert series.

Lecture Concert

The Lecture Concert series is an opportunity for the audience to meet the newly formed Academy Orchestra and listen to samples of their final performance program. Through the skillful explanations of conductor Johannes Klumpp, the audience is given a greater understanding and appreciation of the music. Join the orchestra on its musical journey to the core of their performance pieces!

Jazz Night Open Air

The Jazz Night Open Air in the yard of the old brick factory adds an unusual and colourful facet to an otherwise classical program of the SommerMusicAcademy. Where bricks are made by hand on a daily basis according to tradition, the sound of jazz reverberates once a year, delighting audiences.

»Under the Microscope«

The conductor picks a new fascinating topic concerning classical music each year, which he presents to the audience with the help of a multitude of audio samples – putting the subject matter under the microscope. Questions are always encouraged and gladly answered in this highly popular lecture series.

Final Concerts

The Final Concert of the International Academy Orchestra is the undisputed highlight of the SMA. After a week of intense rehearsing, the orchestra presents a musically impressive feat: In a matter of only a few days complete strangers from different backgrounds and cultures all over the world have become friends, have formed a homogenous body of sound, have grown so close that they breathe, feel, and easily perform music together. Witness how bridges are built through music in the uniquely beautiful atmosphere of the castle barn.