The Events

Academy Opening Concert | in the Academy Hall, Castle Hundisburg.

The Opening Concert unites continuity and diversity. In “uneven” years young laureates of Central German instrumental competitions, some of whom are on the verge of launching a successful career, give a shining performance. In “even” years the Academy’s opening event is centred on the artistic fusion of Chamber Music, Theatre and Dance. The SummerMusicAcademy’s 20th anniversary was duly inaugurated with a baroque opera and consequent fireworks in the French Garden.

Chamber Music Concert | in the “Alte Fabrik”.

The Chamber Music Concert is a spiritual and emotional treat of highest quality. Here the exceptional pianist Rolf-Dieter Arens, founder and director of the SummerMusicAcademy, springs into action and brings to life the great masters of music history together with the young musicians of the Academy. With its own unique and dignified ambiance the old factory building “Alte Fabrik” creates a very special setting for the concert.

The Exceptional Concert | in the St. Andreas Church

In a little village church a single horn player performs an alpenhorn quartet – with his Loop-Machine. A bandoneon player sings and dances. A comedy string quartet performs by heart. A percussionist uses crankshafts for his drumming. These unrivaled performances combined with the special atmosphere of the St. Andreas Church are what make this concert exceptional. Experience sound like you’ve never heard any place else.

Concert Talk | in the Castle Barn

This concert is the audience's first contact with the young and newly formed orchestra. Since the very beginning of the SummerMusicAcademy this event has been an insider's tip amongst concertgoers. The music from the Final Concert is performed here for the first time, and the accompanying explanations not only enhance the listening experience, but also enable the audience to experience the music in depth. These are provided by the conductor Johannes Klumpp, who entertains all of his listeners regardless of their age, with his wide-ranging and amusing commentaries equipping them with a magnifying glass for the ears and taking them right into the heart of the music.

Jazz night | in the Technological monument “Ziegelei” Hundisburg

The Jazz night brings color and diversity to the SummerMusicAcademy’s mainly classical repertoire. Here up and coming musicians meet seasoned ensembles in a groovy connection that inspires both the artists and the audience alike.

Walking Concert

Travel through time and space – take a walk through the history of Music and the history of the castle. For this concert, which the audience must “discover” on foot, the SummerMusicAcademy orchestra regroups itself into various Chamber Music ensembles throughout the castle’s premises and performs some of the great works in Music’s history. At each station the selected location and musical piece are explained. Nowhere will the audience, artists, art and special site be as closely united as during this event. In this manner the Walking Concert brings together all of the Academy’s ideas, representing a continuous development not only of the musicians, but also of the audience and the venue. Thus it is the centrepiece of the entire week’s program.

Final Concert | in the Castle Barn

The Final Concert of the Academy orchestra is the absolute highlight of the SummerMusicAcademy. After an intense week of work the orchestra has not only achieved musical success: during this brief time of collaboration strangers from different cultures have grown together to form a homogenous group, a musical organism that breathes, feels and orchestrates as one. Here within the castle walls and the Academy’s singular atmosphere a language is spoken that everybody understands: the language of Music.