The Idea

It all began in the castle’s barn.

In 1993 a passion for music came together with the pioneering spirit and strong will of the founders to culturally revitalize a region. Many things have changed since then, but the main concept of the SummerMusicAcademy Castle Hundisburg remains. Every year the castle and its surroundings reverberate to the sound of music. The SummerMusicAcademy presents a diverse musical program of excellent quality: groovy Jazz, exceptional Chamber Music and a spirited classical/romantic repertoire. The various sites in and around Castle Hundisburg create a unique and unmistakable atmosphere for the SummerMusicAcademy

Music connects people from around the world right in the heart of Germany.

During ten days in July and August the entire region surrounding the baroque castle becomes a meeting place for young musicians from around the globe. In this brief time they meld together to form a single musical entity – the SummerMusicAcademy Orchestra. The audience accompanies this process through a series of unique concerts, such as the Open Concert or Concert Talk, the Walking Concert and the Final Concert in the Castle Barn, all of which transmit the orchestra’s and its conductor’s passion and joy of music.

The SummerMusicAcademy Castle Hundisburg captivates, inspires and thrills you.