Who we are...

The SummerMusicAcademy Hundisburg Castle offers musical diversity at the highest level: It is here that groovy jazz, extraordinary chamber music and rousing classical-romantic orchestral repertoire meet. The special locations at and around Hundisburg Castle give the SummerMusicAcademy its unique atmosphere.

Every year for about ten days, the region around the baroque castle becomes the meeting place for young musicians from many different nations. In the Academy Orchestra of the SMA, they rapidly grow together to form a homogeneous body of sound. The audience joins them in innovative concert formats: In the Lecture Concert, the Walking Concert and the Final Concert in the castle barn, the orchestra and conductor share their musical joy and passion with the audience.

... and what makes us special:

I. Uniqueness of the location
The castle barn, the main hall, the old brick factory, the church... Unique venues create unique concert experiences. As if that were not enough, we also "invent" new venues every year in the Walking Concert and thereby also aim at reducing reservations of people who otherwise only rarely attend concerts.

II. The musicians - young and excellent
The performing musicians are young and play at the highest musical level. The orchestra consists of students from all over Europe, soloists are on the verge of breakthrough, singers are gaining their first opera experience... and all of this is of highest excellence.

III. Internationality
A rural region in the middle of Germany becomes a cultural melting pot for young international musicians. It becomes the scene of international understanding between North and South, East and West.

IV. Closeness between audience and musicians
Whether in the Walking Concert or the Lecture Concert - unconventional concert formats have created a closeness between the musicians and the audience that is unparalleled. The audience feels that here, a festival is being made for them, here they can experience "their SMA".