The Profile

The Idea

In 1993 a passion for music came together with the pioneering spirit and strong will of the founders to culturally revitalize a region. Many things have changed since then, but the main concept of the SummerMusicAcademy Castle Hundisburg remains. Every year the castle and its surroundings reverberate to the sound of music. read more

The Events

The SummerMusicAcademy presents a diverse musical program of excellent quality: groovy Jazz, exceptional Chamber Music and a spirited classical/romantic repertoire. The various sites in and around Castle Hundisburg create a unique and unmistakable atmosphere for the SummerMusicAcademy. read more

The Artistic Direction

The SummerMusicAcademy was founded with the idea of creating something new and ground-breaking in a more or less bleak region. This pioneering spirit can still be felt today, especially through both the founder and Artistic Director Rolf-Dieter Arens and the conductor of the Academy orchestra Johannes Klump. At the beginning of the 2013 season he will join Rolf-Dieter Arens as Artistic Director, and together they will form an equal partnership to head the SummerMusicAcademy. read more