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Paul Bernewitz Quintett: „Rhapsodic Parcours”

Young Contemporary Jazz: In 2020, pianist Paul Bernewitz has assembled a band in Nuremberg that brings together up-and-coming individuals from the southern German jazz scene to bring his music to life. With the poetically chiselled drummer Jonas Sorgenfrei, the wide-awake bassist Amelie-Marie Richarz, the agile saxophonist Paul Scheugenpflug and the charismatic singer Regina Heiß, he knows he has an excellently cast ensemble at his side. The ensemble cultivates a transparent, multi-layered sound. Although all part of the grand narrative, they remain on their coordinates to tell of their perspectives.

Who is Paul Bernewitz? The 25-year-old not only arranges for band, he writes poetry, art songs, chamber music, choral works and even edits a literary magazine. Coming from a family of musicians, he enjoyed a first-class musical education in the ranks of Leipzig's Thomanerchor, where he also sang as a soloist. Early on, while learning classical piano literature, he felt the desire to write his own music. Inborn in him: a love of improvisation. 

At the Alte Ziegelei, Paul Bernewitz and his ensemble will combine freshly composed music with arrangements from his debut album. The album, which was released in October under the title "SOMEDAY" on Unit Records, is dedicated to the "Great American Songbook" and in a way gives it a "rejuvenating cure" (BRF1 "Jazztime"). The joy of playing is paired with an astonishing maturity and depth of message. Everything seems to be rooted in the insight of wanting to reflect ambivalences in the music. The result is a subtly groping, often urgent, brooding flow - pure anti kitsch. Contemporary jazz can also sound like this.

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